Beautiful contemporary Italian kitchen



We create spaces that inspire

La Galerie Design is a fresh and innovative studio based in Warwick, UK, specialised in bespoke luxury kitchen concepts. We bring together Parisian designers and Italian craftsmanship to deliver accessibly priced, stylish and high-performing kitchen spaces that express our clients’ personality and style.

“We deliver a personalised experience. From planning and inspiration to seamless installation and finishing touches – we are your creative partner right from the start.” Anais Perignac, Founder

“Our philosophy is that design should enhance all aspects of your home and life. At La Galerie Design we create individually designed living spaces that seamlessly combine style, performance and value.”Mohamed Brahimi, Founder

Rethinking luxury kitchen design

Powered by style, performance and value

We established La Galerie Design Studio to offer a luxury alternative to the standard, off-the-shelf options. Clients come to us as we are competitively priced and offer more than just a kitchen. We deliver solutions to challenging spaces, advice on functionality and the latest technologies, and inspiration to create a kitchen that is tailored to modern living and reflects their unique style.