A design-led approach in Bedworth

There seems to be no limit to creativity when it comes to planning a kitchen. Modern life demands a fresh approach to the use of space, new surfaces, design, and the best appliances. However, it can prove challenging when it comes to introducing a contemporary kitchen in an older historic home. This project required our full creativity and attention to detail to create a successful and standout concept.


To create a contemporary, functional and stylish kitchen that works beautifully with the property’s traditional nineteenth-century architecture.


A thoroughly modern space that welcomes and surprises with its extraordinary design elements. From the opulent shine of the uninterrupted bank of white units and bespoke statement island to the warm tones of the parquet flooring, the client gave us free reign in terms of the creative concept.


It’s important to have a good relationship with your kitchen planner from the outset. You need to trust that they have not only the creative ideas but also the experience and expertise to realise your project. If you are looking for a kitchen that is completely different, we suggest that ask your designer to think outside the box and present an initial concept that plays with unusual combinations of materials, colours and textures.