Minimalist home with luxe marble accents in Stockton, Warwickshire

A contemporary kitchen is not what you would expect to greet you upon arriving at a barn conversion. From the outside, the property fits right in with its village setting, but on entering, its strikingly modern kitchen features begin to reveal themselves. This juxtaposition of old and new is an art. Our clients came to us as we can bring together texture and uncomplicated design that expresses their personality while enhancing their home and life.


Contemporary interior kitchen space that would serve as a sleek backdrop to the client’s lifestyle of socialising, entertaining and cooking, while being careful to avoid an unsettling contrast between inside and out.


A social hub that fuses modernity with functionality, design and details without ever moving away from the minimalist theme. The contemporary concept incorporates many stylish elements and textures brought together effortlessly and with noticeable impact. A seemingly cantilevered breakfast table appears to almost float above the island, while a muted palette means star pieces such as the marble and brushed lacquer surfaces can shine. Marble, the perfect partner for clean lines brings drama and luxury to the brushed steel lacquered island, which lends depth and richness to the overall space.


“After endless kitchen appointments at all the usual places, I am so happy I found La Galerie Design Studio. From the first meeting, Mo understood the brief completely, whilst we were undergoing a barn conversion project we didn’t want the traditional shaker style kitchen. We wanted a custom made kitchen space that looked contemporary, sleek and was practical for both day-to-day use and entertaining as well. We couldn’t be happier with the final outcome & this has become the social hub of the house.”


Less is more, especially when it comes to creating a minimalist look. But to avoid the space feeling too stark, ensure your kitchen designer includes eye-catching details that bring interest and inject personality into your design. Often overlooked, texture is as important as colour in interior design. It adds visual interest to a space. Just because it’s minimalist, it doesn’t mean that your kitchen can’t have a focal. For this project, the island is the centrepiece and is functionally essential for our clients who want to use it as primarily an entertaining and social space. Before finalising your design ensure you see and feel all materials before selecting them.