Extraordinary new build concept in Lichfield

Choosing and designing a kitchen is one of the most exciting parts of a new build project. However, it can prove challenging to find a company that can translate your vision into a concept designed with form, function and your lifestyle in mind. Many clients come to us, as they can’t find the level of creativity, flexibility and inspiration they need when it comes to creating their new space. This was the case for our clients in Lichfield. After a lengthy search and visits to many showrooms, they came to us with a brief that required our full creativity right from the outset.


Deliver a bespoke kitchen concept for a new build home that centers on the client’s favourite anthracite shade.


A sociable space synonymous with luxury, style and light. Our clients involved us from a very early stage in the new build design. We guided them to make the best use of the proposed design and layout, including the polished concrete floor effect. We perfectly offset the anthracite feature colour with a combination of white marble and silver accents. This was expressed through lighting, the waterfall worktop – a surface that appears to flow over the edge of a worktop and reaching the floor, and accessories that help to bounce light around the space and make the darker tones the star without being too over powering.


It can be overwhelming to plan a kitchen from scratch as opposed to renovating an existing space. There are a few things you should consider to make the process easier. Ideally, involve a kitchen creative from the outset as they can harness your vision and save you time later on. Determine the size and layout of your new kitchen by deciding how you want to use the space. Then work out what you like and dislike about your current kitchen. It helps to also give your designer visual references. Start a scrapbook or board with a wish-list for your ideal kitchen with pictures of appliances, gadgets, worktops, cabinet styles, different types of storage, handles and taps.