We established La Galerie Design in 2015 to offer a luxury alternative to the standard, off-the-shelf options. Clients come to us as we provide competitively priced contemporary designs with a strong sense of identity and tailored to modern living.

  • Rarity: For us, rarity is luxury. Creating a living space that is an absolute expression of you and your lifestyle is what we strive to deliver.
  • Well-considered design: We design rooms around your natural flow and daily life to promote style and social interaction within your home.
  • Craftsmanship: Our passion for design and craftsmanship informs everything we do from the creation of your design and the materials we select to the way your kitchen is made-to-measure at our Italian ateliers. 
  • Sustainability: From the sourcing and production of our materials to the way we style and integrate lighting features and the latest technology, we are always looking for ways to combine luxury and sustainability. 

Our gallery showroom in Warwick is designed to inspire. Here, we showcase the latest trends, materials and textures….